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If anyone knows about B&B, Karen does. Hopton House - a converted granary with three bedrooms - has a five-star grading (putting it in the top seven per cent of rated properties in the country) and a gold award (given by Visit Britain for added excellence)

The Guardian, January 2009


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I get a whole range of people attending the course from those undecided on whether a B&B is for them to others who have already welcomed their first guest. Some are buying existing B&Bs and others are creating a B&B from scratch. 

The courses have also become quite international with participants from Germany, Switzerland, Bahamas, Australia, Singapore, Austria, Norway, Denmark. France, Portugal, Nigeria - to name but a few! 

Here are just a few of the comments I've received after the course by email. 


Thanks for your notes.  We thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful!

March 2017

 I hope you are well.  The information you included in your course and literature is proving to be invaluable.

March 2017 

Many thanks for the follow up and additional information below.   I just wanted to thank you again for a really useful and interesting weekend — it has left me motivated and inspired to keep planning!   

 It was very nice to meet all the other participants as well — please do stay in touch and keep me posted on your B&B plans, so we can broaden our list of places to stay around the UK and Ireland!  

  March 2017

 Thanks again for being so open and sharing. 

Thanks again for a very informative weekend – lots to think about! 

 February 2017

 I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for providing such an excellent course, which has given me much to think about – particularly with respect to how I would market our B&B. The lunch was great too! :-)

February 2017 

Thank you for an engaging and informative weekend, Julie and I enjoyed learning more about B&B as a business...now to put it all into action. 

February 2017 

just a quick email to say thank you for the course which I found very useful and informative 

February 2017

Thanks for all this information Karen and thanks for a really informative and interesting two days, I've already got the blog started and ready to go, a very exciting time for us, fuelled further by our two days with you!!! 

Kindest regards

 September 2016

Thank you for your email. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it informative, which will contribute, for sure, in making my decision going forward.  The group interaction and rapport between us all was great! Lunch was fab and the view was amazing!!

August 2016 

Thank you Karen. 

I found the course really stimulating and very thorough.  You are amazing in your planning, organisation and attention to detail.  I loved all the psychology involved in the marketing and PR. 

August 2016

 S and I just wanted to thank you for the excellent course provided.

A real insight to the reality of the business and presented with patience and detail.

August 2016

 Was lovely to meet you all on weekend and thank you Karen for a very informative and inspiring weekend...just now down to location location location! 

July 2016

 Firstly thanks Karen for a great course, J and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really bought it to life for us and made everything suddenly seem like a real possibility. We’ve just spent two weeks in Devon and Cornwall, looking at potential areas and thinking seriously about our future. It was great to see what you do Karen and that a life change does work and how successful it can be. You’ve done so well Karen, a real inspiration.

 Secondly, great to meet everyone, a really friendly group of people. Also really nice to be surrounded by people with like-minded plans and dreams. Would be great to keep in touch and hear how everyone is doing.

July 2016 

 Hi all, I had such a lovely weekend with you lot, what a bunch of crazy lovely people!

Thanks for hosting and teaching, Karen, I have definitely come away with everything I could have needed.

Good luck everyone and keep in touch! Maybe we will all be competing on four in a bed soon ??

July 2016 

Thanks for sharing the documents.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been singing your praises all week (may even have got a booking in the pipeline for you!). 

Meeting everyone else was definitely an added bonus for me - what a lovely bunch of people! I would love to keep in touch and find out how you are all doing 

July 2016 

Thank you for a wonderful class, Karen - I learned so much more than I expected. And SO much food for thought! You are clearly as talented a teacher as you are a B&B owner.

July 2016 

Thank you for this and I really enjoyed the course, it was really informative.

Will be in touch after my move to Scotland.

July 2016 

 Thank you for a super week-end Emoji

Your house and garden (scenery) are very beautiful and you were the perfect host. 

The course surpassed all expectations and I feel that I now have all the basic knowledge around setting up a B&B required. 

The week-end made my friend and I very positive about the possibility of us following this dream!

(and Thank you for the receipt too).
Best Wishes to you

May 2016 

 Thank you for the receipt and downloads and also for an amazingly informative course in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Debbie for the lunches too!

May 2016 

  Many thanks indeed for a most informative, instructive and insightful academy course this weekend.

 With your skills as a trainer and presenter well in evidence, and your welcoming personality it was a pleasure to spend the weekend in Shropshire at such a lovely setting learning so much about how to Set Up, Market & Run a Successful B & B. It has certainly given me the inspiration to act now and set the wheels in motion for the next ‘career’.

May 2016 

G and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course at the weekend. We both really enjoyed it and have learnt so many valuable things.

We got lost twice on familiar roads on the way home because we were talking about it all and not concentrating on the route!

We can't wait to put it all into practice now.

We feel the course was so worth while and can't imagine being able to start a B and B without having done it.

April 2016 

I can’t thank you enough for a fantastic course – excellent value for money. Sending these notes additionally is very generous of you.

My husband approves of your full English – especially the mushroom!

Had a successful trial yesterday. Timings were perfect- many thanks. 

March 2016 

 It was great to meet you all. B and I learnt so much, thanks Karen for your openness and useful information.

  September 2015

I'd just like to echo the comments. It was a very informative few days and the course was really well run.

September 2015

Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative weekend.  Both R and I learned quite a bit and really appreciate that via the course we have a framework to model and set up our B&B.

It was a pleasure being in the company of people with similar plans.

September 2015

Thank you so much for an enjoyable time and course content. I really enjoyed the weekend. Lots to do read and consider!! I'm off to the Tourist Board tomorrow.

It was really nice to be in the company of likeminded people with similar aims. Great to meet everyone and hope we keep in touch.

September 2015

Really enjoyed the weekend and meeting you all, so interesting to hear everyone's plans, good luck with them. 

September 2015

It was such a pleasure meeting you (and the dogs) and seeing your lovely B&B.  Thank you so much for a wonderful two days full of helpful information.  I also have to compliment you on the food; it was great.  It's obvious that you run a first class operation and really know your business.  There is a great deal to digest past two days - and much more to learn! - but I feel much better prepared for what lies ahead.

I really look forward to the day I am finally able to get touch to tell you that I am open for business!  Thanks again

August 2015

Just a quick note to say thanks again for the course! It was superb. Really thorough, really honest about what is involved but also really inspiring! When I start a blog and/or Twitter, I'll be saying that!

July 2015

J and I would like to join I and L in thanking you for a well organised and informative course. It has definitely given us some new ideas and better understanding of how to embark on our B&B journey.

It was also great to have an opportunity to meet a group of such motivated people. Good luck to all of you!

June 2015

Thank you an excellent and very informative course.

It was particularly helpful to meet everybody else there and hopefully there will be many more successes in the b&b world as a result.

Good luck to everybody, whatever you decide to do.

June 2015

 Just to say thanks very much for a really interesting weekend with your advice and insights into providing a bed and breakfast service. The thoughts and views of fellow course members added to the weekend too.

The course really helped us to fine-tune our thinking and preparation for our modest B & B idea

June 2015

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for running the course last weekend. It was a really good insight into running a proper establishment and has inspired me to come home and get things sorted so I can get my own business off the ground as quickly as possible.

From what I saw, you provide an exceptionally high standard of hospitality and this has served as a really good benchmark for what it is I wish to achieve myself.

Well done and I hope your success continues long into the future.

May 2015

I really enjoyed the course and still hope to open up a B and B some time next year in Cumbria.

I wish you all lots of luck in your own ventures and hope we all  remain in contact - through ‘thick and thin’.

I’m sure once I’ve mastered ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ we will be able to keep in contact in many ways.

Thanks once again to Karen who has helped put C and I on the right path in our new  future career.

May 2015

Thanks for the documents.

The course was really good. It's given us plenty to think about.

April 2015

This is just a v quick one to say thanks for a simply brilliant course over the last 2 days.

It was everything I'd hoped to learn about setting up and running a successful B&B, and so much more. Really insightful, engaging and practical. As you said at the start, I didn't know what I didn't know (but now I do!).

Hope you manage to get some good R&R in tonight - you certainly deserve it after two intensive days.

March 2015

Just a short note to thank you for the weekend course.

I found it very useful, both in the information delivered but more importantly, it has made me reanalysed the type of b&b I would like and how it can work for me. A little scary but very exciting! Now to do the research!!!!!

Thanks again and I will endeavour to utilise the tools learnt to find the perfect place for me. I'll let you know if I succeed!!

February 2015

Thank you for the weekend course, I really enjoyed it.  I would like to get up and running for early July, but not sure if I will.

Very inspiring though and it would be good to put the course in to practice sooner than later.

 I really enjoyed visiting Shropshire, first time for me.  It was lovely to do the course and enjoy the beautiful view.

Hope to come back again to book your or another recommended B&B with friends, parents and family.

February 2015

Thank you so much for the course and for the notes. We really enjoyed the weekend and we have decided that we could definitely move forwards with running a B and B in due course.

January 2015

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the superb course. I don't know what I will plan to do and whether I go down the B&B route but, if I do, I know I have the information I need. At the moment I am sorting things out post-redundancy notification and getting CV sorted for a couple of leads on jobs. I'm hoping when the dust settles a little, I can take the time to review everything covered over the weekend!

January 2015

























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